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Fallibroome Learning Community

The Fallibroome Learning Community (FLC) is a partnership between Fallibroome and its local primary schools. Traditionally, this has included all the schools who are listed on Fallibroome’s admission criteria. More recently, this group has expanded to include ‘associate members’ from further afield. All of the partner schools in this group collaborate closely in an attempt to create a continuous learning experience for children attending our schools from the age of 3 to 18.

The work of the FLC has grown enormously over the years. Headteachers from each school meet on a regular basis; we have a ‘development plan’ that describes our key priorities for the year ahead; and governors from each school provide appropriate oversight of this work. At the current time, we are focussing on the following areas:

    • Transition from Y6 to Y7
    • Continuity of expectations in English and Maths from Y6 to Y7
    • Review of assessment and marking approaches in the primary and secondary sector
    • Professional development of teachers, particularly in the use of cooperative learning techniques
    • Shared projects in the Performing Arts
    • Shared provision for sport and PE

We believe that it is very rare for primary and secondary colleagues to work together so closely and so effectively. In our view, our network is very special and has made a real difference to the experience of the young people who attend our schools. We would encourage you to take a few minutes to browse these pages to get a flavour of the diverse activities that we provide. Any of our schools would be very happy to provide more details about our work on request – and perhaps give you the chance to see some of these projects in action.

Meet the Fallibroome Learning Community Arts Representatives

These schools are all part of the Fallibroome Learning Community

Associate Members

Associate members of the FLC include schools in our Multi-Academy Trust who do not have ‘feeder school’ status to Fallibroome. These schools participate in most or all of our joint work and professional development opportunities. Our associate members at the moment are: